Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Out of Freezer Space

Who else runs out of freezer space this time of year?  Do you have anything in there but berries and bone broth

Yikes, that's about all I can fit anymore.  (Well, I do still have three whole chickens from processing day and some other sundry items).

The trouble is, I have a side by side freezer.  {groan}  I prefer to store food in glass, but do you know how many mason jars you can fit in a side by side?  Not enough.  (When freezing in mason jars, be sure to leave plenty of head space... below the curve... so the glass doesn't break when it expands. I've had to throw away a few broken jars.)

So, when I run out of freezer space, I start to use freezer bags instead of bulky glass containers - but using plastic kind of irks me.

I'm filling up ziplock bags of chicken bone broth in 2-cup portions.

And layering them on a cookie sheet so they'll freeze nice and flat.

I had to overlap them a little bit, but it was okay.

See?  Berries, bone broth and chicken!  The mason jars are all stacked above (with packages of beef and seafood piled on top of them) and in the door.

Once these freezer bags are frozen, they squeeze nicely into tight spaces allowing me to use every inch of available room in that not-very-handy side by side.  Oh, it's a royal pain trying to find something.

I think an additional chest freezer will be in our near future.

Do you have one?  Do you like it?  What containers do you use to freeze your food?

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The Entwife said...

Well yes as a matter of fact I am running out of freezer space. no great ideas to share. Just grateful for the abundance.
Thanks for sharing at the 100th Wildcrafting Wednesday.