Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just A Buncha' Videos

For Great Gramma, mostly... ;-)

It's Rah-rah and Kisston! (How they each say their own names.)  Love!

Then that sweet babe went in for a nap, and this darling boy and his gramma (yours truly) had fun on the slide... just look.

We're chatting about someone that Mommy and Daddy know...

He had just told me he's disappointed... not sure about what.

Well, after he recovered from working too hard, we happily played some more.

Two days later... this little one is enjoying an apple while she sits with grandpa.

That's it... just some snippets of gramma's playtime with her Love Bugs.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Awesome, awesome videos!!! Loved each one! Kingston had me cracking up over his determination to walk up the slide, and then to his amazement, when he finally got to the top, his giggles over his accomplishment was priceless!! Thanks Pammie. Loved them!