Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Trees

Is it any wonder I'm in awe of Spring (and He who came up with the idea)!

I pretty much move about in constant amazement and thankfulness from now till the first snow fall, as each week brings something fresh and new in creation!

And just because I can't resist the sheer cuteness... here's a dose of grandkids! {grin}

At the farm stand where we get our beef, Kingston climbed up on this stool and declared, "This is where I work" and proceeded to "operate" the scale.

While Aria rearranged the Vermont Maple Syrup shelf.

Back at their house... we played in the yard, then their daddy got out the pressure washer to clean their wooden gym set.

Kingston, who has never been a fan of loud noises, wanted to wear daddy's ear "muscles" (muffs... haha!) when he saw the big pressure washer come out.

At least he's good natured about it.

This one... no fear, just curiosity.

"How does this thing work, anyway?"  Granted, she kept her distance once it was actually running.

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Mom said...

Love, love this post!!! Gorgeous spring photos and of course the little ones bring smiles and chuckles galore!! THX