Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Favorite Finds - 5/18/13

For Your Health ~

The Plant Based Culture Myth:  "Yet another reason I chose to not become a registered dietitian, they’ve got it all wrong. The myth that fat is bad, soy is good and plant based diets are healthy is pervasive, is dangerous and is completely lacking in evidence to back it up. Price studied 14 indigenous cultures, the natives living off of diets predetermined by their ancestors had none of the diseases or health ailments that plague current cultures. And they all revered animal products for their nutrient density. The same can not be said for vegetarian cultures, because they do not exist. Plant based diets are a new and trendy way of eating, that no culture has ever successfully adhered to. This idea that completely changing the way we have evolved to eat as humans is somehow more successful, both on a health and environmental scale, is ridiculous and unfounded."
My additional comment on that:  Yes.  Eat meat.  It's nutritionally dense and so is its saturated fat, particularly that found around the kidneys - the suet from which you render tallow (beef) and lard (pork).  The caveat to that, however, is not to purchase meat that was raised in factory farms where they're fed a steady diet of grains, especially GMO corn, hormones and antibiotics.  Those animals are not healthy and, therefore, are not good for us, either.  We are what we eat.  I personally avoid the Big Ag grocery stores as much as possible...  and 100% of the time when it comes to meat.  I simply refuse to contribute to that industry or to ingest its product.  If I can't get it from the farm, I do without.  I believe it's better to eat a meatless meal or two than it is to consume something that is not only lacking in nutritional value, but is actually detrimental to my health (not to mention the inhumane procedures of those corporate operations).

In the Garden ~

Companion Planting by High Mowing Seeds:  "Companion planting does not necessarily imply a mixed-up mess of a garden.  In addition, it does not mean that interplanting any crops will work in your favor either.  There is actually a science to all of this, which can lead to a very intricate dance for the experienced companion planter.  For the beginner, a few simple guidelines can propel you into a love affair with the polycultural medley of companion gardening"

In the Kitchen ~

Nourished Kitchen:  Homemade Farm Cheese...  oh, this sounds so easy and tasty!

To Lift Your Spirits ~

Joe the Barber:  Haircuts for hugs; a good will story.


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