Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bring Your Kids to School Day

Yesterday was bring your kids to school day at the PA Program.  That was mostly because it was a day off from their school day (the kids of our students), so we turned it into a fun event and learning opportunity.

All the students, most of whom are married with children, brought their kids in and they had a chance to practice doing history and physicals in pediatrics.  Mostly just listening to hearts, looking in eyes and ears, and asking parents about their health, habits and milestones.  And we had yummy nibbles.

I had the distinct privilege of having my darling grandchildren there... and their mama, of course.  They got to draw with dry-erase markers, spin in swivel chairs, touch stethoscopes and play with a bunch of kids.



On the way home...  Sweet, tired boy!

Look at that gorgeous hair on him!

I love her expression.

What a very fun day!

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Mom said...

Aahhh, photos of our precious babes again! I missed that! Aria's scruffy lil ponytail is a hoot!! And yes, Kingston's hair is so healthy and beautiful! Thanks for sharing.