Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pit Stop at the Park

I got to watch the kids a week or so ago while Mama had a photo shoot (for a fun 6-month old).

We decided to spend some time at the park...

Running to the slide... yay!  I got a kick out of watching the older couple with their grandchildren (great grandchildren?).  They had to be in their 70s and were so spry.  Especially him.  I think at one point he played chase with the boy!  It made me smile.

Then we played at the cashier's window.

Kingston bought gas.  He's "texting" me on the play register keys.

Gathering up his pine-needle money.

Then I had to hold his make-believe gas can while he went on the slide some more!

This tire swing was a lot of fun!

Our sweet Aria slept through the whole adventure.

After Mommy's photo shoot, we stopped by the salon for a hair cut...

Looks like getting a hair cut is a lot of fun... or it tickles!

Oh.  Now, it's serious business.

"Okay, look at me, Kingston, while I trim the front."

Look at those curls!

That was a fun day... and I didn't get even one shot of my Little Beauty.  Darn.

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