Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Covered Bridge No. 21

Joe and I took a leisurely drive Sunday and we found an old covered bridge.

Barricaded from motor vehicles...

...that old tattered sign above the flag says, "Cross at your own risk."

So we did, and saw a lovely creek.

That's really as far as we went - just crossed to the other side and back again.

A Google search revealed that it's called Blacksmith Shop Bridge and it was built in 1881.  It didn't say much else other than providing some structural details.

It was a beautiful day to go exploring.  That was Sunday.

This is today (or what it looks like today).

In November: [giddy] "Yay! It's snowing!!"
In March: [disgruntled] "Ugh. It's snowing."

Two days before it's officially Spring and Winter is going out kicking and screaming.

Well, at least I got a Snow Day out of it!  The good news is my Baker Creek Heirloom seeds came in the mail yesterday, so I'll be spending my day at home sowing more seeds.  The tomato seeds are starting to sprout their tiny shoots!  They'll get two months indoors, then they go to the garden at the end of May. 

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Mom said...

I love that you and Joe enjoy "exploring" so much! ...and I'm sorry March has brought more snow! Yes, my Tuesday has been lovely.... ;-)