Monday, February 25, 2013

Sowing the Tomato Seeds

It's been a snowy weekend. Not a lot has accumulated, but it's been a slow, steady fall.  Except for taking the dogs out, we pretty much stayed in.  We didn't even see the kids!  I'm still getting over the flu and so I've been rather lazy.  I had 24 hours of fever last week (or 2 weeks ago?), with sniffles and cough ever since.  A ridiculous cough that doubles me over! (I'll have more to say about that tomorrow.)

Anyway, one of the indoor things I did was sow my Big George tomato seeds.

I bought an organic starter mix.  I hope it makes them strong and healthy.

Kept in the freezer from last season...

I smeared the seeds on newspaper, just like Mountain Man Bob told me to do, "Not all clumped together so you can cut them out and plant them, paper and all, right in the soil."  Then dry them for a couple of days, and keep in the freezer.  He's the one that gave me that first big, beautiful, heirloom tomato four years ago... with an awesome story to go with it.  He always had the best stories.  He was one of the highlights of living in North Carolina those two years.

Just like he said... cut out and placed in the soil.  I put two in each cup... 24 seeds. ( I know - I want to end up with a lot.)

Planted, watered, covered, and ready to grow!

In the other cups I'll put plum tomatoes (a lot of those, too)  and a few cherry tomatoes.  I'm going to go peruse the Baker Creek website and see what they have for heirloom seeds in those varieties.  I have a seed catalogue from them somewhere... now, where did I set that down?  I'd prefer to thumb through than click through...  Hmmm.

Up here in cold and snowy Northern New England, the timing is just about right for starting seeds indoors.  Our last frost date is at the end of May, so Memorial Day Weekend is usually the garden-starting weekend for gardeners and the time when we get all our indoor seedlings moved to the ground.

Anybody else sowing seeds yet? Or based on where you live, maybe you're weeks ahead of me.

As I dream of Spring, I'm linking up with the Barn Hop this week...  go check it out. 
There's so many wonderful ideas, tips, encouragements and like-minded participants!


Taylor-Made Ranch said...

I'll be planting seeds in my portable greenhouse this week so I can transfer the seedlings to the garden when the danger of the last frost is passed. I can't wait to get out in the garden. (visiting from Homestead Barn Hop)

~Taylor-Made Ranch~
Wolfe City, TX

Mom said...

Oh boy, we LOVE good tomatoes! There is a place here in Naples - Oakes Farm that sells the best tomatoes; great big juicy ones (organic). Sure wish there would be a way you could ship some of those Big George's our way! They just might give Oakes Farm tomatoes a run for their money! Ha

Kristiina said...

I have it!!!! You can have it back. ;-) I even marked the veggies I'm interested in.