Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ice Sculptures in Woodstock

It was Ice Sculpture Weekend in Woodstock... and we went to go see.

Behind him was a huge hole in is head with the makings of a light bulb (the artist was still working).

Busy sculpture artists.

A castle...


Then, there were fun things to look at in the general store... LOTS of fun things!

Sweet little darling - head thrown back - as always when she's riding on mama's back, being a patient babe while we browsed.

His right foot was stomping every bit of snow along this picket fence.

And we're off to find dinner out...


     When Kingston says his name it's "Kisston." I love that.

     Aria, at 15 months, knows how to work the iPhone.  I gave her mine - she turned it on, and scrolled through the apps!  Such a little smarty.

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Mom said...

Beautiful ice sculptures!! Love "Kisston's" sweater!! ....and Aria will be just like her very smart brother! Just loving it! Still hoping to make it to VT and MA in May!!