Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Favorite Finds

For your Soul ~
Without Wax"If you abide in me..."  I've always loved that verse in John 15.  Pete puts a cool spin on it after an encounter with his son.

Rachel Wojo:  Here, Rachel shares some information about Bible Apps [FREE].  Some I hadn't heard of.  Good to know!

On the Homefront ~
The Prairie Homestead:  Pressure canning!  Someday soon I'd like to invest in a pressure canner so I can expand my canning capabilities.

Money Matters ~
Simple Mom:  Money goals for 2013.  Helpful insights.

For your Health ~
Kelly the Kitchen Kop:  More on flu shots with some interesting links.

I received this tea from a co-worker at Christmas-time; it's incredibily good.  I have it with a teaspoon of raw honey... in a big coffee mug.  I guess I'm not a dainty tea drinker!  If you can get your hands on some of this tea, do it. 

And next Monday, stay tuned for a recipe for Healthier Muffins...

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