Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favorite Finds

This is the retirement center in the heart of Windsor next door to my church.  I thought it looked welcoming.

Ravi Zacharias:  It's one more insight about Newtown.  I know... I'm with you... the time is overdue for us to let them have their space and their time to mourn; but please, read this one.  And join me in humbly agreeing, "Amen, Ravi."  His wisdom astounds me.

And then, just a quick tribute...

Oh, this.  The song holds a tender place in my heart anyway...

The eyes started to tear AGAIN looking at the faces of those dear little ones.  But it was in the remembering the big ones, too, that I really just wanted to weep.  They are mamas and grammas and grown up daughters that have become friends and they're wives.  And so many lives are so devastatingly altered because of their absense.  I weep for those lives.  The widowers, the mommy-less, the gramma-less.  For the parents of those grown-up girls as well as for the parents of the babes.
But by grace alone... and because of what He has done... they'll face all of their tomorrows.

This mama, she knew sorrow and sacrifice, too.

The precious, perfect Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Ann Voskamp "And I’d kneel there at the reenacted Bethlehem and finger along it on the wooden grain of a manger trough— The God who needs nothing, came needy. The God who came to give us mercy, was at our mercy. And He who entered into our world, He lets us say it in a thousand ways– that there is no room at the inn."

So...  This Christmas; will you bend low with me and worship Him?  Will you raise hands with me in praise to the heavens and rejoice?

For unto us a Saviour is born.

He is Christ the Lord.


And, yet, to this evil-sick world, Lord... come quickly.  Tarry not.

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