Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Favorite Finds

Angie Smith:  She's the wife of Todd Smith - lead singer of Selah.  Went to Peru recently with Compassion International. ~ This is touching... might require tissues...
"When it’s time to say goodbye, I try not to cry. I do pretty well until I tell her not to forget to write us and she lifts her pinky in the air, smiling. I had taught her about “pinky promises” during lunch and apparently she wanted me to know she took it seriously."

Shaun Groves:  He's really just a guy.  A dad.  A husband.  ...just a guy.  But he's a performer, too; and so I wonder... if I were in the audience, would I show grace if he fumbled the words of 'Angels We Have Heard On High?"  Hmmm...I wonder.

In the Kitchen ~
Ham Fried Rice:  I like Chinese pork fried rice, and this seems like a version of that.  I would alter this recipe to use fresh vegetables and brown rice to boost the healthfulness of it a bit.  Yummy!

For Our Wellness ~
Honey and Cinnamon:  This makes me want to become a bee-keeper!

You must read that article... really.

Raw honey tastes so organic, I imagine it tastes the same to me as it does to the bee when they're drinking the flower-nectar.  Very earthy-flowery.

I took the remedy on the right yesterday morning.  It worked well, despite it's gelled, foiled, cellophaned, warehoused, retailed presentation.

That evening, I had a tablespoon of raw, local honey with a .25 teaspoon of organic cinnamon purchased at our local food co-op.  (Don't let the McCormick label fool you... I'm just reusing the old, already-labeled vessel as a shaker.  I get all my spices at the co-op, now.  They're so much cheaper and SO much better than the commercialized brands... and my cupboard is full of little ziplock baggies of scrumptious powders and flakes!)

Anyway, about that honey and cinnamon, it had the same affect as the packaged, store-bought cold medicine.  I felt better.  Sore throat, cough, sniffles... ceased.

Guess which remedy I'll return to?   !!!

For Our Dogs' Wellness ~
Natural Dog:  Garlic for dogs... there's been some controversy about whether garlic is good for dogs.  This is a good article - the bottom line is it can be very good for them if given proper dosage. As with most things, if they get too much, it can be harmful. This, coupled with a topical, essential oil treatment, may be the solution to keeping ticks off our babes and keeping it pure and natural.

For the love~
At Last"And there is an echo here and also a foretaste. I see these photos, think of my wedding day, the wedding days of others, the desire and imperative to be intoxicated for all time (for better or worse, in richness and in poorness, in sickness and in health, til death do us part) and I see an echo of Adam laying eyes on Eve for the first time..."

You can't listen to this one without the fingers snappin' and the hips swayin' !

Hubby switched to the night shift this week (new schedule came with the big promotion).  I'm gonna get to see him [awake] today for the first time since last Sunday!!! Yay!

We're gonna have a good weekend. Hope you do, too!

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