Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Favorite Finds and Day 17

Compassion in Peru ~

Angie Smith "Every step we take in the direction of compassion brings us closer to the the cross, and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the Gospel more clearly illustrated in my life."

 Shaun Groves:  It's so simple, and yet so powerful - "And the impact of Compassion’s ministry extends beyond a sponsored child’s family to the community around her."

For more amazing stories about the group's experience in Peru, or to learn how you can sponsor a hopeful child, click on the picture below:

Compassion Bloggers Peru Trip 2012

Ann Voskamp:  "We are the women who make our lives about the cause of Christ, not the applause of men, live to express the Gospel, not to impress the Jones’, live not to make our absence felt, but to make Christ’s presence known."

OCM Skin Care ~
Tsh, A Simple Mom:  OCM = Oil Cleansing Method.  "Alright, it might sound a little odd to clean your face with an oil, especially if you have oily skin. But contrary to popular belief, oil does not cause oily skin or acne. That culprit is usually a combination of hormones, trapped bacteria, and dirt."
I've read lots about this and I'm doing it!  Bought the natural, reasonably-priced ingredients yesterday and gave it my first try. So far... love it!  My skin feels good.  I'll write a post about it soon (couple of weeks) with a status update.  I recommend you go see what Tsh has to say about it...

Tsh also wrote over at (in)courage yesterday - she had some good words:  "Choosing to go with the flow during the hard days when nothing goes right (this happened last week)—and choosing to go to bed early that night, because His mercies are new every morning."

A soft and gentle worship song.  Close your eyes and enjoy; soak up those words....that's how I listen, and invariably tear up at the piano solo right after:
"...look to the sky, hear the angels cry, singing 'holy is the Lord...'"

I like Brooke Frasier a lot.

Day 17:  3 gifts of laughter

1.  Kingston speech!  He always has me in stitches (or puddled... like when he told me out of the blue yesterday as we walked hand-in-hand across a parking lot, "Grandma, I really love you.") Wow. He can make my heart stop!  But this is about laughter... he evokes it every time I see him.

2.  Glances with Kristiina over those little heads we love so much.  Sometimes we try to hide our amusement; sometimes we just can't.

3.  Hanging out with hubby - he has me giggling all the time.

Care to join me in giving thanks?  In the comments name three things you're thankful for today, and if you have a blog... maybe you'd like to link up!

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