Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Favorite Finds

Like last Saturday, I've compiled a few of my favorite finds from the past week.

Settle in and take a peek...

Lore Ferguson: "I have everything I could ever need in the pure status of His righteousness covering me and so it is no longer even part of my giving equation. I expect nothing—and yet He still continues to give me more than I could have asked for–and it is not necessarily financial blessing."

Jon Acuff: "I eventually couldn’t contain it any longer. The words inside me felt like soldiers dying inside a submarine that was running out of air. I asked God if I could write again. I asked him if he was cool with me writing, given my less than proud past. The answer was not what I expected. It was actually pretty simple. I felt like he said, 'Do you know what I do when you write? I sing.'"

Alene Snodgrass"Here’s 5 resources that can help you design the Fall schedule you need to breathe..."

Leigh Ann Dutton "Our children are naturally inclined to seek truth. Just observe any three year old for a few minutes. What are they doing? They’re talking of course! And most likely they are asking you why, how, what, when, and who with! My friend, these are golden opportunities to teach and inspire a love of learning."

(in)courageFalling for Fall ~ "Here are 5 things you can do right now to embrace the season ahead!"

A Pinterest Find: I have a jar full of my Grandma Rieth's buttons.  This would be a cool way to use/memorialize them.

Have a wonderful weekend.  We're going back to the orchard for Customer Appreciation Day.  There will be fire trucks and tractors... Kingston will be happy!

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