Monday, September 3, 2012

Appreciation Day

At Wellwood Orchard was on Saturday.

They had live music and free hot dogs... and the much sought after apple cider donuts.  Mmmm. And lots of fun things for the little ones.

Had to take a shot of this tree with the first hint of autumn color.

Ah, and so the fun begins!  An invitation to climb in the fire truck and a free fireman's hat makes for a happy boy!

And a ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor... awesome!
 It was such a beautiful day.
 "Beauty is only skin deep."  This is a reminder to patrons not to be put off by the blemishes cauesd by this year's frost and hail.  The apples aren't as pretty as they've been in past seasons, but they're just as tasty!
Okay... again.  Just love this view.
 And if I just turn in the other direction, it's this.  Lovely.
 Grandpa came with us this time!  (Daddy was out of town.)
 And he helped pick those 24 pounds of plums.  The lady at the counter thought the trees had already been picked clean, "but go ahead and give it a shot, I'll be happy to weigh whatever you're able to bring back."  She, of course, had no idea the tenacity of my dear girl and the willingness of her dad to help (I, meanwhile, wore the girl-babe on my chest in the carrier).  She (the lady) was stunned that we brought back 24 pounds, "and NOW your trees are picked clean!"
 Mmmm, so delicious.
Kingston and Aria both loved them.  There's just something about fruit plucked right off the tree.  A few swipes on the jeans, and ... MMMmmm.
 What a sweetheart - "pretend you're eating one Kingston."  He obliged. {haha! wink}
 "One more time.  Got it!  Thanks, Kingston."
 Kingston participated in a coloring contest.
 And earned a free box of crayons.
I could have spent much more time in the petting zoo.  I should have been a farmer.  Really.  But the kind of farmer that doesn't sell their livestock... just feeds them, cares for them, and keeps them forever.  As pets.  Hmmm.  So, maybe not a farmer... a zookeeper?
I love these little goats. They are so precious.  And those darling cows like the one in the background?  Melt me.
This for example... you may have seen this on Facebook.  If I had a cow, I would do this... and this makes me want a cow.  
Sigh... but I'll probably never have a cow.
That was a fun afternoon.  Then we went back to Kristiina's and had dinner together.
 And spent a bit of time outside so Kingston could mow.  Even though this is a blurry mess, I like the action in it.  He's a busy boy!
 Oh, have to stop for gas (which is really grass).
And this little one, because she spent so much time in the carrier, didn't get her picture taken by grandma at the orchard.  She's wearing her brother's hand-me-down PJ's.  It's okay, chocolate brown polka dots are tres chic. 
She loves to clap her hands these days. Just say "Yay!" or sing Pat-A-Cake to her, and she's clapping with gusto!  Such a doll.

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