Friday, August 17, 2012

Kingston's Perspective

It has happened...

Sadly, Kingston has reached the age where he does not like to have his picture taken.  This is very bad news for his mother and me, the Photo Freaks.

Look at this.

Kingston: "Don't take a picture of me." 
Mom: "Why?  You said you wanted your picture taken."  [Following a photoshoot for his 9-month old sister right here at this little chair.]
Kingston: [contemplates for a moment] "I don't."

{Sigh}  Okay.

He now much prefers to be the one behind the camera...

and has for some time now. {grin}

I had to borrow this picture from his mother because it happens to be my camera he's using to photograph his sister.

Only, now he knows which end works best.

The first half of this video is all Aria... the second half, all Kingston as he uses gramma's camera.

Here are some of Kingston's photos (to which I did not do any editing/cropping - this is purely Kingston):

He took this of his mother last October when we visited the pumpkin patch and were in the corn maze.  She was still pregnant with Aria.

Then in May, he got one of his sister while we were having a picnic in the yard.

In July, he captured the sky...

...and his garage.  He loves his gargage; it has some awesome things in there, not the least of which are the lawn mower and daddy's motorcycle.

And... the grass.  He has many shots of the grass.

Here's a more recent one of his sister...  er - um   ...sort of.  This was her 9-month photoshoot - and Kingston helped.

Here's a shot of daddy and grampa...

...and lastly, one of gramma.

'Good job, Kingston.  You're well on your way (at 2 1/2) to becoming a terrific, artistic, photographer.'


Brenda said...

Oh my goodness Pam! That kid is somethin' else. I love his shot of the sky and, believe it or not, one of my other favorites is the one of his sister's foot with just a hint of her tutu(?) showing.
Thank you so much for personally sharing these with me, I really needed some love today and this felt like it from you.
I love you my sister, and miss you terribly. XOXO

I'm Pam said...

Isn't he, though?! I like the one of Aria's foot, too (yes, she had on a tutu).
Sorry you're having one of those days... you've always got my love, dear friend!! Miss you so much, too. xoxo
(Feel free to elaborate in a private message if venting would help. I'm a good reader-listener.) ;-)

Mom said...

You're so right Pammie! This lil guy is on his way to becoming a photo-bug! How can he help but not since Mommie and Gramma are always at the ready with camera in hand?? Ha

Great post....loved it!