Sunday, March 4, 2012

Aria is...

... a finger eater!

     "Mmmm, I love my fingers!"

     "But I think I'm ready to get out of this seat." (Look at the pinky in the lower left corner! {grin} )

     "Well... maybe this is okay."

     "No... I'm pretty sure I want up now."

     "Oh, but till gramma puts down the camera... I could just suck on my fingers."

Okay, okay... I put the camera down and rescued the little beauty.  We bounced and danced; did our stand/squat exercises; and got a clean bottom.

Then moved to a different spot - over on the love seat.

     Kingston climbed up and said, "picture next to her."  {Smile!}  "Okay, let me take a picture of you next to your sister."

     Then she found her fingers again, and he found something on his nail that needed to be 'cyipped.'

     "Nom, nom, nom... fingers!"

     Fingers in the mouth can be so relaxing!

     Sweet dreams, Little One.

     Two sleepy girls.

     What a beauty.

     Then she woke up and grampa gave her a bottle.  Mama-milk, of course, and that was even better than fingers!

While she slept, Kingston and I made play dough.  We were supposed to have made muffins (a promise made when he rebuked the idea of a nap), but then I discovered I had no eggs so muffins were out.  That was okay; play dough still required measuring ingredients and stirring it on the stove.

Then I discovered I had no food coloring.  Drats.  We can't have off-white play dough.  How boring.  So, I used the juice from a few of the blueberries that we were going to make muffins with.

     Ta-da... blueberry flavored play dough!

     Making play dough cookies is serious work.

By the way, this was last Sunday - not this past Friday.  Another day that Mama and Daddy got to go snowboarding.  I love it that we're nearby so the kids can go off and have fun from time to time!

They're headed back to the mountain today, but this time Kingston is going, too.  We'll have our little Aria all by herself...

We'll have some dinner together when they get back.  Happy day!


Pam O'Brien said...

Oy! That hair of his. I'm so glad that our sweet, handsome, doll has gotten a couple of big boy hair cuts since then!! It's still longish... but he's got STYLE! {grin}

Nancy W said...

Great idea to use blueberry juice to dye the play dough, wish I'd ready this yesterday when I just made plain play dough as I had no food coloring. What adorable children!