Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Videos from Soup and Sledding Saturday

(I'm wearing Aria on my chest in the carrier... in case you were wondering what all that bulk is)

That was fun!  But now it's time to get something warm in us.

Can't wait to do it again... it'll have to warm up a bit, though.  The temps were bitter cold yesterday and are again today.

It was well below zero when we got up this morning.  Joe graciously took my dog-walking shift for me. "Thanks, honey!"  The weather channel says it's still -8 at my house!  I don't know what the high is supposed to be.  As long as you're on the inside looking out... it's an absolutely gorgeous day!

Hope it's gorgeous where you are... and you're someplace warm!

Happy Monday.


kristiinashereephotography said...

Love Love Love!!!!! So much fun!

Mom said...

Wow! That was great!! What fun! I can see from these videos that Kingston will definitely be winter sports kinda' guy as he grows! In a few years, I'm sure Aria will be right in there too!! I'm so glad you're all taking advantage of your long winter outdoor, were I up there with you, I'd be in front of the fireplace enjoying some music and a good book! Someone has to keep the home fires burning.... ;-)