Friday, February 7, 2014

How I've Been Passing the Time

The last time I was here was when I described how my heart left in a pick-up truck.

Since that time, I've mostly been plopped on the couch with one afghan after another draped on my lap... ones I'm making, not merely ones I'm hiding sitting under.

There are a few reasons for that...

First, well... my heart left in pick-up truck, so I haven't been highly motivated for much of anything - not cooking (only when I have to, like every night for dinner), not photographing, not blogging...

Second, there's this crazy polar vortex happening out there and it's been wickedly cold!  Like - sub-zero-and-single-digits-for-the-days'-high cold.  (I'll stay inside, thanks...)

Third, and this is how I justify it, there's a bunch of baby girls coming along soon (or recently arrived), and they're all getting homemade baby blankets!  (After all, there's a polar vortex out there and I'm staying cozy under a work-in-progress, uber soft afghan... one after another.) :-)  Brilliant.

This one is for Averianna.  She was born a little less than a month ago and made me a first-time great aunt, born to Joe's nephew.  (Shhhh... don't tell. It's just going in the mail today.)

This one is for Juniper.  She's due to arrive later this month.

This one is for Evie.  She's due to arrive in March.  I'm still working on this one, which is why Little Bear didn't get to get in on the photo-op (which was just a quick snap of the iPhone).

And since I changed my mind mid-stream about what to give to whom, this one is for Etsy!  Check it out in my Etsy Shop.

After Evie's is done, I'll be able to finish, and put in Etsy, a baby boy afghan I'm working on, too.  By then, maybe the temperature will warm up enough to warrant getting out from under blankets and heading outdoors (and start planning a garden - well, time for that is already here)!

As for blogging, don't give up on me.  I have some posts rolling around in my head and pictures to edit that I want to share.

Plus, beginning on Sunday, I'll be hosting The Sunday Social Blog Hop with some of my bloggy friends!  If you have a blog, come back and link up... if you don't, come back and see all the recipes and inspiration that others are sharing.

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Mom said...

Beautiful blankets for some lucky babies!!