Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Favorite Finds - 5/4/13

The trees are getting their leaves back!

For Your Soul ~

Ann Voskamp:  "You can’t sever the sinews of a family, the way the grass under the swing and the loudness of living and the doors slamming and butter dripping corn on the cob on the porch all get into all of you and how we wind around each other so maybe we never leave each other, only carry each other?" 

For Your Body ~

Thank Your Body:  Stop menstrual pain naturally - this is handy info!

In the Kitchen ~

The Rising Spoon:  How to cook the perfect steak.  Mmmm.  Kristiina does them very much like this.  !
It's good!

I'll be in the yard/garden again today... I'm going to plant some flower seeds that will attract hummingbirds and bees.  It's going to be a perfectly sunny day with temps in the low 70s.

What's on your agenda?

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Mom said...

Another great "Favorite Finds"!! And Big Daddy's song is so uplifting...good start for the day!! Thank you, punkin'