Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Favorite Finds - 4/6/13

Ah... the snow is gone and these lovelies are an inch taller. Maybe two weeks till we see blooms??? Hopeful.

For Your Soul ~

Ann Voskamp:  Oh... read this one.  It had me pacing, bowed down, and humbled.  A little heart-sick that I still make the scripture-pictures, but the discipline and tenacity of the true act left me weeks ago. Why is it perseverence can be so elusive?  Be sure to have a look at the video.
"Memorization is like learning to say your name, like learning where north is, like knowing your phone number home — it’s knowing who you are, where you are, Who He is. What the heart knows by heart is what the heart knows — how else can we know who we are? Memorization is 24/7 soul orientation."

What's Good for You ~

Weed 'em and Reap:  "You guys, today is going to be awesome! Together we're gonna debunk these horrible "healthy" pins on Pinterest and convince everybody to eat REAL FOOD and then they're all gonna lose weight and get REALLY healthy and then we will all love each other and hold hands and ..."

For Your Garden ~

The Self-Sufficient Homeacre:  Do you want onions in your garden?  If so, check this out...

It's my dear mom's birthday today!

Happy Birthday, my dear, patient, kind, and precious Momma!   I love you so much. xo


Mom said...

Thank you, Pammie!! It will be a grand day!

Mom said...

I just re-read Weed em and Reep! No more can of creme soups for me when making a casserole of whatever!!! I'll make my own using the suggested ingredients! Thanks for making this post available!!