Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorite Finds - 4/20/13

Hello Sunshine!

For Your Soul ~

Simple Mom:  This is profound simplicity.  "One of my favorite definitions of prayer is that it is the practice of paying attention. Not merely that you must pay attention while you’re praying, but that prayer itself is the act of attending: to God, but also to the beauty – and ugliness – before us."

In the Kitchen ~

Homemade Mommy:  She makes homemade butter...  I wanted to do this when I bought raw milk this week (can I just tell you that raw milk is delicious!  Oh my.)  Anyway, I had a hard time skimming the cream (I went to four stores looking for a turkey baster and no one had one... weird).  I'll try again next time.

Divine Health:  Fermented Potatoes?!  I soaked my potatoes yesterday; to reduce the starch and sugars contained in them.  Soaked them for about 8 hours in salt water (you need to soak them longer than that for fermentation).  Then fried them in tallow.  Oh, yum!

For the Pets ~

Health Extremist:  "Since living in the Northeast, as soon as Spring comes around, I am on high alert watching out for not only ticks latching on to my pets but also myself. Especially since more than half of the ticks in my area carry Lyme disease, it becomes a serious concern."  Could have been me making that statement!

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