Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Favorite Finds

For Your Soul ~

The Wellspring"Those three kids took off walking up the street, hunched down against the cold but laughing. Laughing and dreaming dreams. And I felt so old and tired and used up. And it occurred to me that some of my dreams are just not going to be realized on this side of eternity. There are going to be things that I want that won’t happen. I was already behind before I started dreaming and sometimes you just run out of time."  Hmmm... this was timely.

A Little Bit of Art ~
Scott Erickson, the Visual Scribe

Scott Erickson:  From his blog, his perspective on my favorite Superbowl commercial... (again, I know - I just keep bumping into this). Go see... it's an interesting and thought provoking commentary.  Plus, what he said about his dad and talk radio resonated with me.

The Power of Words ~

I'm off to a graduation celebration today.  The FPU Physician Assistant Class of 2013!  Congrats to them, they have worked so very hard.

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Mom said...

Great videos, Pammie!!