Monday, September 10, 2012

One Hilarious Harvest!

Pinterest. It's a pretty neat place to get some fun and handy ideas.

 I saw this there and thought it would be cool for Kingston. At the time, he'd often just lay on his hardwood floors (when not on the couch) to watch his [then] favorite shows, Word World and Super Why.

So, I made him one for his second birthday.

It turned out good and has served it's purpose well; first, as originally intended, and now, as his "crash mat" beside his big-boy bed.  If he rolls out of bed, he lands on the mat... cushions the fall, somewhat.

I also discovered a recipe for homemade playdough.

So, I made some when he was over one day.  Except I realized too late that I didn't have any food coloring, so this is blueberry "flavored" playdough.  (juice from crushed blueberries - better than plain white!).

That was a good idea, too.  Lots of fun.

Sometimes I pin gardening tips.

Like the one that said you can grow hundreds of potatoes in a container, and even use hay for "less dirty" potatoes.

Hmmm... sounds intriguing; worth a try.  They seemed to be doing great; I was encouraged (particularly after the carrots and spinach failure - my fault with the carrots, but I don't know what went awry with the spinach).

It said to harvest them when the foliage wilted and died back... and don't wait too long.

Here you can see where there was dirt in the pail, then I transitioned over to hay.

And here they are!  My potatoes.  Beautiful, aren't they?  All ten of them.  TEN of them. 

That's it; some most as small as marbles.

Not a single potato grew in the hay.  Only these green things.  I have no idea what they are, but they're about the size of cherry tomatoes.  There must have been seeds of something in that hay.

Yes, my entire potato harvest fits in the palm of my hand.

Kristiina's bucket-potato harvest was about the same!  I don't think I trust container gardening for potatoes anymore.

Oh well, it was a fun experiment... and good for a giggle.

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jodi inkenbrandt said...

I love how resourceful you were with the blueberry juice and the playdough! I'll have to remember that because we rarely ever have food coloring in our pantry. :) And that is so funny about the potatoes! I have seen a few garden pins like that and wondered if it worked. Now I know! :)