Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One More Birthday Post

I can't let January, Kingston's birthday month, slip away without sharing just a bit more from the celebration of his turning 2 years old!

First, a smash-cake photo shoot...  (oh, you may want to scroll to find the music player on the right and pause it.)

Are you smiling?  You must be!  Gooey frosting didn't seem to bother him this year, though he is clearly not a smash-cake kind of kid.
(Sorry for occasionally cutting off his head. I was simultaneously trying to take still shots... I didn't get any good ones.)

But to see some awesome shots his Mommy took, head over here.

Then... with a bit of yummy frosting still smeared on his cheek, he had just one more present to open.

He sees the logo and says "computer," then he sees the box cover and says, "Apple Phone...!"   He's so funny.  Mommy and Daddy gave him this for the learning apps (he doesn't have phone capabilities, obviously).  It's taking a little while to power up... "charge it..." :-)  Then it's "Tom...Tom..."
 Tom is an app he likes to play, though, he calls a lot of the apps Tom, even his spelling ones.

And, of course, that's the first one he opens.  He loves words!  His favorite cartoons are Super Why ("Calling all Super Readers! To the Book Club!")  and Word World ("where the characters embark on a series of adventures where the only way to save the day is to 'build a word'").

I'm so glad. As he grows, books can take him on some wonderful adventures.

Here's one of him enjoying his new gift...

And stunning all of us with his ability to navigate the device!

And finally - have to have one of the birthday boy with his little sister.

Oh, they warm me on the inside!


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Kristiina said...

I love this! I just keep watching them over and over. Melt me. :-D