Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry for my scarcity around here lately.

Whoa, has life been busy!

Work is insane... we have 48 students to place in rotations for January, and it's my job to be sure they receive their notices and instructions, that the preceptors receive their confirmations and packets, and that the students are fully credentialed at each site.

Of course, no two sites are the same.  They all require different things and have myriad forms for accomplishing their receipt of it.  I've said before, I push paper for a living.  I really do.  There is so much paperwork.

After work, I've been heading over to Nic and Kristiina's to offer a second set of hands and coos.  Nic has been working out of town since Saturday, so my job has been to soothe Aria while Kristiina and Kingston enjoy their customary bedtime routine.  Kristiina says that Aria has a proximity sensor and knows when mama has left the room!

Actually, her I-think-I'm-getting-hungry or maybe-I-have-some-gas time comes right at Kingston's bedtime.  So, gramma to the rescue! [swoon]  I have loved being able to help... to play with Kingston for a little while and coddle my beautiful Aria each night this week - but I don't get home till 8:30. 

I scarf down a meal and crochet Kingston's afghan like a maniac before bed.

This is why the blog posts have been lacking.

[deep breath] 

Ah, but Nic will be home soon (and I'll miss seeing them everyday)
...and in a couple of weeks, all the students will be placed and fully credentialed
...and I'll be on Christmas break till January 3rd!  Woohoo!

I meant to post this previously with the array of Aria's birth pics.  I love it!  It was a quick snap.  While I was photographing Aria being weighed, Nurse Heather nodded toward Kristiina and said, chuckling, "you need to get that!"  [grin]

In this season of giving...

Give to the Lord your heart, your life, your family, your job, 
your dreams and your worship!

Give to others those things that will bless them most like your love, 
your time and your resources.

Give to yourself time to reflect, to focus, to rest, to rejoice 
in the goodness of His grace and presence in your life.

~Pastor Dave

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Mom said...

Knowing how much it means to you to be "gramma to the rescue", I couldn't be happier that you are able to help!

Although busy is good, it sounds like your priorities are sound. ;-)

Love you!