Friday, November 11, 2011


11-11-11 is merely a palindrome - reads the same backward as forward - yet there's much hoopla about it.  Just google it and you'll see!

I'll tell you what the best thing about it is - it's Little Miss' due date!  Kristiina has had more than a handful of ultrasounds (like maybe... 6) and they all point to 11-11-11 being our sweet little one's expected date of arrival.  Now, wouldn't that be a fun birthday?!

I've had some fun recently embellishing some plain baby gowns and onesies with simple embroidery and tie-dye. 

I mean... super simple embroidery (back stitch and outline stitch).  After all - how many times will she get to wear them in the 4 or so weeks that she'll actually fit in them?!

Just added a little pizazz to what was plain. {grin}

Come on Little One.  It's a cool date to be born AND it's a full moon!  Gramma's eager to meet you.



Mom said...

Oh my, Pammie....when did you find the time to do all this beautiful embroidery?? You amaze me!! I'm also anxiously awaiting news of the arrival of our little darling!

DeLuka said...

The embroidery is so lovely... Be proud! What you consider simple would probably take me a dozen practice tries.