Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Holy Experience

A Holy Experience is the name of Ann Voskamp's site; her blog.  Ann is an author, homeschooling mom of six, and wife of The Farmer.  She and her family live "in the Mennonite countryside of southwestern Ontario."

Her book, One Thousand Gifts, is a New York Times bestseller.  I have it, but have not read it yet.  I look forward to really sinking my teeth into it once I'm done crafting a few projects for my darling grandbabies.

I clicked on her blog, though, when a cyber-friend (Patricia at Pollywog Creek - link at right) shared it on her facebook page.
Side note... Patricia lives in Lee County, Florida, but I didn't know her when I lived there.  I met her through another cyber-friend (who happens to be another Farmer's Wife - Cohagen Cronicles - link at right) that lives in Montana.  Fun tid bit.

Anyway, I visit Ann's blog daily and always find spiritual treasures there; grace and wisdom and authenticity.  She writes poetically - her words are ethereal and a pleasure to read.  (Plus, she's a piano lover, like I am, and we both have David Nevue playing on our blogs. {grin} Though, she has a piano in her home; I don't, and she likely knows how to play; I don't.)

She and her husband are in Ecuador this week with Compassion International.  Her post today is about their experience there on a particular day (yesterday, I think, as they've just arrived) and how God met their needs - not just the needs of an impoverished Ecuadorian family because of their visit, but the needs of a displaced Farmer through Rosa, single mom of three.

Please head over there and read about it.  You'll be enriched.

And, would you pray with me for these children of Ecuador, for the sponsors many of them are still waiting to receive, and for the team of Christ-servants pouring themselves out this week to feed them ~ physically and spiritually.

Learn more about sponsoring a child.

And this is a second post - about when Ann went to Guatemala last year and was able to meet in person one of the children her family sponsors.  It's a precious story - I recommend you give it look.  Have tissues nearby as I doubt you'll be able to contain your joy-tears.


Mom said...

What sacrificial love and compassion! A great read, Pammie....thank you for sharing this blog!

Mom said...

Let me change "a great read" in my previous comment to a most humbling read. Truly humbling.