Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Few More from Our Nor'Easter

Though the temps the last few days have crept back up to the high 40s-low 50s, I'm still seeing patches of snow here and there (some vast, spread out over entire fields).

I have a few more pics to share from when the Nor'easter came last weekend with another early snow fall (it was our second October snow fall, the first having arrived 2 days prior).

The lump on our patio table?  There's a candle buried under there.

We put fencing up around the deck railing so we could enjoy having the dogs out there with us without fear of them jumping over.  Worked like a charm.

So, what's the winter rule for patio furniture?  Do we have to find some place to store it?  I've learned (the hard way) that the terra cotta pots have to be brought in, or they chip and crack... but what about the furniture? Will it bow and break from the weight of the snow?

Mr. Scarecrow hadn't come in before we got our second wave... that's some snowy hat he's wearing!  Aye Matey!

Blanketed flowerpots and freezing flowers.  Hello me in the window.

Oh, tomatoes.  So sorry to see you have to go; I'll miss you.  I'm sorry I didn't manage one last little harvest before the snow flew.  I promise to plant earlier next year to give you more time to flourish.  Cross my heart.

Pretty pansies... actually, not-so-pretty pansies.  They had already lived their best days.

Right after this photo was taken, I brushed off the snow and carried them into the garage for their winter hibernation.  The plant ladder sits bare now, just waiting for the next snowfall.

Snoliage!  (Snow-foliage).

Our sometimes dry, sometimes rip-roaring, presently moderate, little creek.

The spring and summer clothes are packed in bins and stored away, replaced by long-sleeved knits and woolen socks.  The picnic basket sits on the shelf where the box of hats, gloves and scarves used to be.

Cozy indoors with the sweet smell of cinnamon and sugar wafting from the oven; outdoors, Old Man Winter breathes frost on our windows and streams of gray smoke rise from chimney tops.

Welcome Winter.  I'm not sure I was quite ready for you... but welcome.

Side Note:  Today is 11022011.  Cool, eh?  (Thanks for pointing that out, Teri Z.)

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Mom said...

Pammie, I'm so glad you're "good" with Old Man Winter fast encroaching. I love your positive attitude!! Don't know if I would be able to say goodbye to summer/fall as gracefully as you have!!