Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Lot of Fun Outside with the Grandkids

Wow - these kids are the cutest!  (Spoken like a true gramma.)
And sometimes I just have to post pics of them... for the great-gramma, mostly.  {grin}  So here's a whole bunch of them with her in mind...

This little one loves playing with (or just being with) her grandpa.

All giggles.  That was her mama's sweatshirt.  {grin} Her brother wore it, too.  Of course, he was barely a year when he wore it, and she's almost 2!

She's on the move!  And wearing her big brother's hand-me-down corduroys - looks a lot like he did at that age.

There's that big boy... rolling down the hill.


Whoa!  Whatcha gonna do, grandpa?

Haha!  She loves this!

That big grin is telling.

"Do it again, grandpa!"

And this one is still having a blast on that hill.

And she pauses to contemplate joining him.

"Eh, it looks like fun - but I'm happy playing over here."

My little beauty.

I love that happy face!

Inside, we strung some beads. He was picking out all the brown ones.

She did a great job, too.  She has great dexterity for such a little one.

Hey now... it's not a candy necklace!


K:  I'm making this for you, gramma.
Me:  You are?  I love it.
K:  Yes.  I'm going to put it in a box and wrap it up. You can take it home and open it and it will be a BIG SURPRISE!!! It's gonna be so great!
Me:  It will be great. I'm going to be so happy (and surprised!). {{melting}}


Nancy W said...

Your grandchildren are adorable and I love the purple boots! Our granddaughter loves her grampa too!

Mom said...

I'm all giggles!!!! Loved these photos! Aria's "happy face" just became my new desktop photo! Wish I knew how to split photos on it so I can get Kingston's great smile while rolling down the hill!! That one will be the next photo on desktop!