Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Gramma's Full Heart

We went over to the kids' house Sunday for Father's Day.  We played outside a little bit, had lunch, visited, had dinner, and stayed late enough to participate in bedtime. [happy]

Aria went down early because she hadn't had her second nap, but then she woke up about an hour and a half later, probably due to our commotion downstairs.  The first to hear her, I headed upstairs to see if I could lull her back to sleep.

I cradled her and swayed while I sang.  She was content for some time, but then wanted to be in the upright position.  Still, she was happy to lay her head on my shoulder, nestling her face in my neck.  I sang and swayed some more.  I relish those moments.

After singing Amazing Grace, I continued to repetitively sing 'Praise God' to the same melody.  In the middle of which she gently picked up her head, took my face in her hands, looked at me directly and kissed me sweetly, then laid her head back down on my shoulder.  [sigh]  Praise God, indeed, for that very intentional display of affection from my little babe.

I stayed up stairs with her for a good, long while, but she never went back to sleep.  I finally brought her downstairs and she stayed up for about another hour.  What a precious time with her, though.

As it was nearing time to go and we started to rev up the good byes, Kingston knew that bedtime was looming so he asked if I could be the one to take him upstairs. [Of course!]  So, Joe settled back in and off Kristiina and I went with the kids; Kristiina to Aria's room, and me to Kingston's.

I don't know if it's exactly this way with Mama and Daddy, but when Gramma does bedtime, we have a definite routine; we read a book or two, talk for a little while about whatever he wants to (this time it was tractor engines and books...books in general), prayers, then singing.

I love those talks with him.  We turn the lights out right after books, so we're chatting by moonlight  snuggled in the bed together and he always finds my hand to hold; that is until he needs to use his hands to accentuate a point, then he lets go to make his gestures and finds it again when his point is made.  So adorable.

During prayers, we thanked God (when it was Gramma's turn) for watching over us and being with us always; for living in our hearts...then,

Kingston:  "Does he live in every one's heart?"
Gramma:  "Well, no. Only in the hearts of people who have invited Him."
Kingston: (pauses) "Can we sing it?"
Gramma: (processing that) "What... sing, Into My Heart?"
Kingston:  "Yeah."
Gramma:  "We sure can!" ...

Into my heart, into my heart
Come into my heart, Lord, Jesus
Come in today, come in to stay
Come into my heart, Lord, Jesus
All of my heart, all of my heart
Have all of my heart, Lord, Jesus
Have all today, have all I pray
Have all of my heart, Lord, Jesus

It was too dark for him to see my joy...  but oh, how he makes me bubble up.  He and his sister, both.

Earlier in the day....

After Aria covered Sophie [grin], she got her chair and pulled herself up to a bench in front of the window.  When Kingston saw her, he pulled his chair up to join her and they played cars together, mostly nicely... but also gently bickering, as siblings do, about who gets to roll which car.

My sweet darlings!

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Mom said...

Loved this blog!! They are "precious babes' indeed!

I couldn't figure who was sitting next to Kingston with that mass of curly hair!!! Has Aria's hair really grown that much? Wow!

Kristiina said...

This melts me beyond words.

Roylyn said...

This is a beautiful picture,one that belongs on a wall. I absolutely love the dog under the cover,just enjoying the attention,so very precious. Yes Pam,I think I mentioned to you before Kingston was born you can't explain a grandparent's love.

Marci said...

What a precious joy! Thanks for taking part in Count Your Blessings Monday!!