Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sunday Meandering

On Sundays, Joe and I love to take drives along these beautiful country roads.  A couple of weeks ago, we happened upon this old cemetery on a hill and we were intrigued.  We decided to do a little exploring.

I later learned it's called Weed Cemetery.

There were some really old headstones.  Most were from the 1800s.  And we realized they all also have footstones.  AND... the inscription is on the back sides of the headstone.  We decided it must be out of respect for the deceased, so that when we're reading who was put to rest in this spot, we're not stepping where their body lay.  Could be, right?  Anyone know for sure if that's why the stones are engraved on the backside?


But then we saw this VERY old headstone. It's that of Moses Currier who died March 20, 1791 at age 77.  It appears he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War (there's a Revolutionary War flag holder beside his grave).  Such rich history.


Then we continued on and came upon this pretty river.  Joe stopped on the bridge so I could take a picture (from both sides, of course!).

And finally, we stopped to pet my favorite horses; Kingford, Slick and Willy.  I don't know what was up with Kingford.  He just laid there in the hay the whole time we were at the fence... just relaxing and taking in the sunshine.

Slick, however, couldn't wait to come see us.  He stopped grazing and started heading our way as soon as the car stopped. 

I got plenty of Slick-hugs (his nose nuzzled in my chest) and nibble-kisses on my shoulder.  He even grabbed my pocket flap and wouldn't let go.  Sweetie!

And this... they make me happy.  Forest-floor flowers.  They are such delicate little things... but tenacious. Look how they push through that thick blanket of fallen leaves.


Mom said...

Aww, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!

Alana said...

Oh how I love to meander with you!!! I too love that historic stuff!Just makes my mind wander. Thanks for sharing. xo