Monday, January 28, 2013

We Celebrated a 3rd Birthday!

...three weeks ago.

The thing he wanted to do... the way he wanted to spend his birthday...

"Let's go snowboarding!"

He got some new gear... new goggles and helmet from mommy and daddy.

Riding up.

Love it!
On the way home, we stopped for some hot cocoa. 

And he's still wearing his chocolate mustache.

He asked me to take pictures over and over again of his funny faces.  Here goes...


Six of them!  After each one, "Did you get it, gramma?  Okay.  Do this one!"  Silly willy.


Then, time for presents.

Little sister wants to help.

Cool cake with some of his favorite things.

Make a wish!

Singing Happy Birthday!

They both were eager to play with his new work bench from gramma and grandpa.

Aw, poor little sister.  He wanted a chance to play with his new toy without interruption and she was getting so frustrated! 

That was a fun birthday!

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Mom said...

Fabulous photos....loved the silly faces...what a little ham he can be, huh? I saw both videos on your utube, but loved watching them again! What an awesome cake!! Wow, you guys sure hit it right on with that amazing tool bench! Thanks!! ;-)