Wednesday, October 10, 2012

While Traveling at 65 MPH

I thought about titling this Through the Windshield, but then decided that sounded tragically misleading.  After all, this is a happy post with pretty pictures of autumn.

They are, however, hazy due to the fact that they were indeed captured through the windshield while I was travelling at 65 MPH... when I took that road trip to Barre.

The early morning started gray and spitting...  and it didn't really improve much throughout the day.

Well, sometimes they were captured through the side window.

What a dreary morning.  The colors made it a pleasurable trip despite the gray sky.

Arrived safely and had a terrific day.  I loved serving in the name of Jesus and was so enriched.

Now, headed back home.

Okay... I did pull over for this one!  Isn't this tri-colored leaf cool?

On the road again - side window.

I love these mammoth rocks in the median and on the sides of the highway.

Some of the trees have lost all of their leaves already, while others are just barely starting to turn.

Ooo, long shadows and dreamy light with an ominous sky.  Cool!

There's the "home mountain!"  We can see Mt. Ascutney from our dining room and living room windows... except we have to get to the other side of it.

Almost home.  Just a turn or two before we're in our neighborhood.

That was fun.  Thanks for journeying with me!

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