Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bits of Brownsville

Bowers Bridge is Back!

The little one-lane covered bridge in our neighborhood that was taken out in Irene last year has been rebuilt and is functioning again. Yay!

The video clip below mentions our neighbor...

...this neighbor -

Paula Waters, and shows glimpses of our neighborhood, and the new bridge:

Nice, eh?

I think Kat, also mentioned, must be her daughter-in-law because I know that Paula and her husband, Dana, a local realtor, have sons.  They're lovely neighbors. 

Most of our neighbors are lovely. 

- - - - - - -

Here's an interesting tid-bit - for 30 years Charles Bronson owned a 300-acre horse farm here in our little town.  His wife, Jill Ireland, raised and trained horses.  They called the farm Zuleika Farm, named after their daughter who showed horses.  He is buried in Brownsville Cemetery. 

This is an internet image...

Hmmm, how 'bout that.

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