Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Kristiina, Nic and the kids took their first family camping trip over Father's Day weekend.  The location was just about 45 minutes from home at Coolidge State Park in Plymouth, VT.

Joe and I headed over for the afternoon and evening festivities...

"So, this is camping..."

"Kingston, what are you doing?  I can't reach you..."

Driving the truck on dad's head, and Aria looks like she already knows that's silly.

Admiring the "beautiful trees" and "beautiful clouds."

Burgers and S'mores later!

"I love playing in this tent!!"

Whew... thirsty!

After a while, Kristiina and I hiked with Kingston from the campsite to the pavilion where there's a great view of Killington Mountain...

My girl... doing her thing!

And back at the campsite.... now Kingston has grampa playing in the tent, too!

Ah... burger time!

Aria's turn!  First time trying peas with her barley.

Haha... she always shivers and squints with new things, but after a couple of tries realizes she likes them.
She loves her sweet potatoes, now.  Remember how she was with those?  (Just like this!)

After eating, we headed up the short path behind their site to the clearing where we played frisbee, pushed a dump truck, played in the grass, and rolled down the hill!

Squirting me with his pretend stick-water gun!

Time for S'mores!

Little Miss Big Girl stands on the chair, watching.

Kingston's first encounter with S'mores!

Mmmm.... it's good!

That's a mouthful of sticky goodness!

Get every bit!

Oh, this is so good!

Then, a quick jaunt back to the pavilion for a few sunset pics...


And here are her amazing results:

Kristiina's beautiful photo.

And then gramma and grampa are headed home.

Lots of fun!

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Mom said...

Wow....I almost feel (almost) like I may have been there with you all!! What a wonderful afternoon! Thanks! ;-) xoxo