Monday, November 14, 2011

Joy... Bubbling Up, Spilling Over

She could not stay in the bed.

Breathing through it.

The room where Little One entered the world.

Utilizing the benefit of gravity, and intent on not getting in the bed which was painfully uncomfortable, she delivered on a "mid-wife's stool." Nic behind her, steadying her, this is how she labored those final minutes and birthed their babe - with foot planted securely on his.  Adorable.

She took their breath away when she drew her first.  They marvel at her. (And, now, the bed is an acceptable resting place.)

With outer most extremities still to pink-up, she protests her separation from mom and dad.

Happily swaddled and content; Gramma is awed by her.

She is a dainty little lady.  When her brother first arrived, I marveled at the size and masculinity of his hands.  I now find myself marveling at his little sister's hands, with her long, slender, lady-like fingers.

Snuggling on Mommy's chest.

I love you, Beautiful.

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Mom said...

God's perfect little creation! Your post brought tears of of joy and awe at the miracle of birth. I simply can't put into words the range of emotion this blog brought this very proud Great-gramma! I cherish and adore all of you!!