Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hold My Hand

A child's hand in yours - what tenderness it arouses,
what power it conjures.
You are instantly the very touchstone 
of wisdom and strength.
~Marjorie Holmes

Holding gramma's hand. -This is Kristiina's image, taken when we went to the orchard last month.

Holding grandpa's hand Easter 2011

Holding the finger of his great, great grandma. May 2010

The last two posts have been about my grandson and my grandmother.  Two generations ahead and two generations before.  

I like that image of their hands.  ...she was the epitome of wisdom and strength.  I'm glad she got to meet Kingston; that he got to sit in her lap and feel her tender touch.

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Mom said...

Aww, Pammie.....you bring such stirrings of emotion in this blog. I love you.